It’s time for you and your spouse to start working together as a team. 

In just 90 days take the steps to create an Abundant Marriage! Get on the same page, improve communication, and gain a deeper understanding of your spouse’s biggest goals (and fears) around all things money. All so you can build the trust and confidence you need to lay a strong financial foundation in your marriage!

Managing Money With Your Spouse Just Got a Lot Easier.

imagine having an abundant marriage


married couple
  • Are completely united on how you manage money as a couple!
  • Gain the complete freedom to spend money without checking in.
  • Have a strategy that’s centered around both of your needs and values!
  • Stop feeling like you have to split everything 50/50.
  • Trust your spouse understands your financial concerns and respects your needs
  • Have a marriage that’s not focused on money, but on designing a life together.


the abundant marriage helps couples reach financial freedom


“My husband and I signed up for – a big picture game plan – for retirement and beyond. Rebecca has been a phenomenal coach to work with. I feel less anxiety about our future and feel like I better understand money and wealth building.”

— Tif & Mike


“Rebecca & Dylan – –  are both extremely knowledgeable, and willing to help with understanding individual needs that play into the management of finances (as a couple)”

—Kenzie & Michael


“Dylan helped my partner and I to build a sustainable, long term and realistic plan for getting out of debt and building a healthy financial life.Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to – get on a healthy financial plan that fits into your lifestyle”

—Nathan & Maggie


Let us help you and your spouse build financial intimacy and create an abundant marriage so you can get on the same page with your finances and finally start building wealth.

  • Develop a Mission & Vision for your marriage that gets you both excited about your future
  • Create “Ground Rules” and learn to talk about money effectively so money talks don’t turn into a fight
  • Identify and replace (upgrade) old habits that get in the way your working toward your goals together
  • Use the Cash Flow Freedom Framework to manage your money in less than 30-mins a week.

Weeks 1-3: Set your intentions for the next 12-weeks of the program and create a shared vision for your marriage. Master the art of effective communication and understanding each other’s values on a deeper level. Lay the foundation for improved conversations about money and become a united front as you start making better financial decisions as a couple.

  • Master the 6 Keys of Financial Intimacy – and start having better conversations about money 
  • Explore your individual Money Stories to better understand what drives you and your spouse’s financial decisions
  • Get clear on how to support each other through personal challenges
  • Define what TRUST means to you and identify your needs to fully trust your partner
  • Identify needs for personal boundaries around all things money
  • Increase the level of mutual respect in your relationship through a deeper understanding of personal experiences

Weeks 4-5: Until you understand yourself, you won’t be able to identify what you need from your partner to build Financial Intimacy. In this step we create a space to be open and honest about our financial past and find the path to aligning our futures. While building trust and committing to one another we shift from managing money as You vs. Your Spouse – to become “US”.

  • Get on the same page about your financial goals & agree on where to put your money
  • Take inventory to get clear on what’s working and where you have room for improvement
  • Gain new found trust and freedom with the Single Streamlined Account System™
  • Increase confidence in your financial strategy with crash courses on all things money (Everything from eliminating debt to investing!)

Weeks 6-9: Create a simple account system and determine your strategy that will cultivate trust and make money management easier! Then take a full inventory of your financial life together to identify specific actions that will help you reach your financial goals and start increasing your Net Worth!

  • Review your progress with your Financial Coach and build a personalized Roadmap to Financial Freedom
  • Make sustainable changes and set effective goals that help you balance your goals with your lifestyle
  • Identify next steps so you can see your strategy through!
  • BONUS Coaching Session – Life Design!
  • Commit to the process and each other to create an Abundant Marriage!

Weeks 10-12: In this final step we bring it all together to build your roadmap to Financial Freedom. Learn everything you need to know to reach the next level of financial abundance. Get help creating a custom financial strategy that aligns with your values as a couple. Break steps down into goals so you can start building momentum and continue building your wealth!

the abundant marriage is for married couples if


  • You want to spend less time worrying about your finances and enjoy more quality time together.
  • Both of you are sick of feeling broke and want to start seeing results ASAP!
  • The two of you want to learn how to communicate about money – without it feeling tense.
  • You’re sick of talking in circles and tired of having the same unproductive conversations!
  • You both want to learn how to combine your finances while keeping your independence!
  • You want to team up with your spouse and make it about “US”!
  • You want to leverage the expertise of a coach who’s helped other couples build an Abundant Marriage.
the abundant marriage is not for you if


  • Your spouse isn’t on board or ready to do the work.
  • You don’t have the time to commit to your financial and relationship goals.
  • Things are going “fine” and you don’t see room for improvement!
  • You do not trust your partner and want to keep your finances completely separate.
  • You already have a system and a strategy [you both use and understand] that gets you to your financial goals every month!
  • You don’t believe that having an Abundant Marriage will help improve your relationship and build wealth.
invest in your marriage and your financial future
The abundant marriage - financial coaching for married couples
  • Worksheets and homework to continue your progress between every session
  • 6 – Private Coaching Sessions with Rebecca or Dylan as your Financial Coach!
  • VIP access to your coach via text
  • Exclusive access to the radcoaches student community
  • + BONUS! Monthly Budget Reviews with your Financial Coach! (VALUE: $250/each!)
  • + BONUS! The Cash Flow Freedom Framework (VALUE: $97)
  • + BONUS! The Streamlined Account System (VALUE: $49)


An Abundant Marriage is a Thriving Marriage!

Where you’re on the same page when it comes to your finances, talking about money is a breeze and you spend less time stressing and more time building a life together. We want that for you!

We’ve been together for 10 years and Financial Coaches to couples since 2019. In that time we’ve come to understand exactly what it takes to successfully manage money as a couple.

Bringing together your income, debts, goals, and money mindsets is a lot to navigate. Add in the tension that often comes with talking about money and it’s no wonder you avoid important conversations or struggling to get the results you want!

Your instinct is telling you that if you can work more as a team you can make more progress. You want to support your spouse, and you want to feel supported! You want to work together. To stop disagreeing about who’s “right” and start taking action! But how?

That’s why we created the Abundant Marriage. In this program we will share everything we’ve learned about managing money in a relationship. Both from our personal experience and all of the couple’s we’ve coached. We want you to skip past all the common mistakes that couples make that prevent them from building wealth, and instead start living a life of financial security and intimacy.

How Will We Meet With Our Coach?

All sessions with your Financial Coach will be held via Google Meets. Each session will be recorded and a link will be provided afterward. so that you can re-watch your coaching call whenever you want.

How Do We Access Lessons?

We use an online course hosting service called Thrivecart. Once you are enrolled you will receive details about how to create login for instance access to all lessons and downloadables!

How Much Time Will This Take?

You will want to commit 2-4 hours a week for the successful completion of this program.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. However, we guarantee that if you apply what you learn and put in the work, over time this will be one of the smartest investments you make in your relationship and in learning how to manage money. 

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