Federal Reserve Drops interest rates for the third time in 2019

Oct 31, 2019 | Financial Education | 0 comments

The federal funds rate dropped again for the third time since July this year – but what does that mean for you? The drop may impact the interest you pay on your credit cards and the interest you earn with your money market account.


Interest rates had been climbing since 2015 and while that is actually a good thing, an uncertain outlook for the global economy encouraged the federal reserve to yet again lower rates. The strategy is intended to encourage consumers to borrow, spend and invest in an attempt to boost the economy in these uncertain times.


There are many different ways this could impact you if you’re shopping for certain types of loans etc. but for most of us, you’ll likely only experience the following effects.

Credit Cards: If you are working on getting out of credit card debt, rates dropping will likely help you reach your goals a little bit faster! Slightly lower rates equals more money going directly toward your balance. This will make more of an impact on taking down those credit cards and keeping more money in your wallet.

Money Markets: This one is a bit of a bummer, but if you keep your emergency fund in a money market (like we recommend) your interest rate just dropped. Obviously not the end of the world – but good to know what is going on before you see the changes on your next statement.

What we recommend 

Get out of debt Faster! Take the opportunity to pump up your debt snowball and kick those credit cards out the door for good! It’s great to use all the extra momentum you can get when you are getting out of debt.

Save! Save! Save! Although interest rates are going down for savings accounts, it’s time to save as much as you can and take advantage of what interest you can earn. With the economy being uncertain enough for the Federal Reserve to lower rates 3 times within the year, we may be in for shaky times. It is time to take a personal inventory and ensure that you can weather a storm, should it blow your way.

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