Financial Coaching

for Couples

Reach Your Financial Goals & Strengthen Your Marriage

Financial Coaching

for Couples

Reach Your Financial Goals & Strengthen Your Marriage

“We have much more clarity on our goals and how to accomplish them. I feel less anxiety about our future and feel like I better understand money and wealth building.”
—Tiffany & Mike

Financial Coaching for Married Couples Will Help You

Financial Coaching can help you care for your family and buy a house.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Family

Become Financially Independent so you and your family never worry about money again!

Financial IQ

Feel Amazing about Your Finances

Master a simple system that makes managing money easy, freeing you from financial stress.

Financial Coaching can help you reach your pursue your purpose, not just money.

Live a Life of Purpose and Meaning

Reach Financial Independence so you can focus on impact over income!

Financial Coaching can help you have more money so you can be generous and donate more money.

Give Generously and Support Others

Share your wealth and give generously so those around you can thrive!

Master your Finances & Live a Life of Purpose

Imagine feeling so confident with your finances, that you can take care of your needs and wants, and the needs of the ones you love. 

You don’t wake up every morning stressed about money. You take Debt Free vacations, and treat yo’self without guilt. 

You are designing a life with more time to do things that matter, knowing you have enough money to use your time how you choose.

You are able to generously give to people and organizations close to your heart.

All that’s missing is a personalized financial strategy, and a Financial Coach to guide you.

Want to improve your finances and your relationship?


 “I’ve been working with Rebecca for just over a year on reaching my financial goals and, no joke, I feel like it’s changed my life.”

—Livy H.

Hey, we’re Rebecca & Dylan.

A few years ago we found ourselves making 6-figures and still living paycheck-to-paycheck. We realized our jobs and debt had complete control of our lives and we hated it! 

Then as a newly engaged couple, we decided to take control of our finances as a commitment to each other and our relationship

18-months later, we reached our goal of paying off +$45,000 in debt. Plus we paid for our wedding and a month-long honeymoon with cash. We saved over a year of living expenses and took an Adult Gap Year, traveling and deciding what would come next.

We realized Financial Coaching was our calling and in 2019 we started R&D Financial Coaching.

On Average, Couples That Work With Us…

Eliminate Debt

Pay Off +$20K In Debt

financial coaching can help you increase your income by negotiating higher salaries, getting promoted or starting a side hustle.

Increase Their Income

Eliminate Debt

Improve Credit Score to "Very Good" or Better

Financial IQ

Increase Net Wealth

We received raises, bought a house, and increased our credit scores. [We are] definitely feeling more confident about our financial situation! We are very thankful for the time we spent working with you.” 

– Zeca & Agatha

“…highly recommend their (financial coaching) services to anyone who is looking to do better with their money to create a better life.”

—Sandee C.

“Thanks for being a total life changer!” 

—John & Brea

Ready to Get Started? Here are Your Next Steps…

STEP ONE: Apply for Coaching!

Complete an application for the Financial Coaching for Couples program. Tell us about your relationship, your goals, and what’s getting in your way of the life you really want!

STEP TWO: Complete Enrollment

We’ll review your application and let you know if you’re in! We’ll send over onboarding materials and information to set up your first session.

STEP THREE: Get Started!

We dive into your past, present, and future with money to help you build a strategy that actually fits your lifestyle.

We Didn’t Pay Our Clients to Say This…

…but we’re so grateful they did!

“…helped me define my values, get to the heart of the issue on money matters, make better decisions, and truly move the needle on my money mindset & financial health.”

—Autumn A.

“Dylan helped my partner and I build a realistic plan for a healthy financial life. He facilitated an open environment to talk about money without judgement. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

—Nathan & Maggie

“I was very scattered when I started and had a lot of guilt about my money habits. With R&D Financial Coaching I was able to get organized, stop procrastinating, and not be as hard on myself.”

—Gracie L.

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