Personalized Financial Coaching

Reclaim control of your life, build wealth, and live your purpose!

“I used to avoid looking at my banking app because I was scared and overwhelmed. Dylan helped me plan my monthly budget, pay off my credit card, and live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

—Jo Hannah B.

Eliminate Debt

Eliminate Debt

Eliminate Debt

Grow Your Savings

Financial IQ

Feel Amazing about Your Finances

Eliminate Debt

Live the Life You Want

Do More of What You Love, Not Less

Love to travel? Enjoy hiking or skiing on the weekends? Have a goal or vision for your life and want to pursue it? (So do we!)

Whether you’re single or married, you can do all those things—AND save for retirement—even if you have mountains of debt or find yourself living paycheck to paycheck. 

All that’s missing is a personalized money plan that makes sense for your life and financial circumstances. You won’t find it by following the generic financial advice you get from most blogs or podcasts!

If you know something needs to change but don’t know where to start, we can help. 

A Peek at Your Financial Future…

  • In just 12 months, one client paid off $12,000 in debt, saved a  6-month emergency fund, and is on track to retire a MILLIONAIRE! 
  • One couple paid off $69K in student loan debt and will be debt-free in 5 years. 
  • After just one session, another client negotiated an additional $10,000 annual salary!
  • Another client paid off more than $20,000 of credit card debt and maxed out her 401k ($19,500) contributions for the year!

Hey, we’re Rebecca and Dylan.

Not long ago we were making $100K and still living paycheck to paycheck. We hated that work and debt had complete control of our lives—and that we had no coach or mentor to help. 

After hours of study and trial and error, eventually we got so good at managing our finances that we:

  • paid off $45K in debt
  • paid for our wedding in cash
  • saved a year’s worth of living expenses
  • quit our jobs to travel for 4 months!

Finally, in 2019 we started R&D Financial Coaching to help others take back control of their lives through personalized financial coaching.

On Average, Our Clients…

Eliminate Debt

Pay Off $18K In Debt

Eliminate Debt

Increase credit score by 30+ points

Eliminate Debt

Feel more confident managing money

Financial IQ

Increase net wealth & retirement

 “I’ve been working with Rebecca for just over a year on reaching my financial goals and, no joke, I feel like it’s changed my life.”

—Livy H.

“…highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to do better with their money to create a better life.”

—Sandee Curry

You’ll Walk Away with…

  A simple, easy-to-use budget and cash flow tracking system (it’s really fun, you’ll see)

💰 An emergency fund for those “rainy days”

📉 Decreased or fully paid off debt 

📈 Increased net wealth

💪 Complete confidence in your ability to plan, manage, and intentionally use money

🎉 Renewed excitement about all the things you’ll do with your money and your life

Here’s What Your Next Steps Would Look Like…

Step one: We have a 30-minute conversation to get to know each other and chat about your goals. 

Step two: We have our first coaching call to go over your budget and cash flow. We also plan basic steps for living the life you want. 

Step three: We touch base regularly with short conversations to discuss your progress, celebrate your wins and achievements, make adjustments, and keep you moving toward your life goals.

Coaching Ends When You Fire Us

Yep, that’s literally our goal!

We want you to feel so confident in your newfound financial skills, habits, and accomplishments that you have no choice but to let us go. 🤗

We Didn’t Pay Our Clients to Say This…

…but we’re so grateful they did!

“…helped me define my values, get to the heart of the issue on money matters, make better decisions, and truly move the needle on my money mindset & financial health.”

—Autumn Adams

“…helped me understand my benefits package at my new job and has helped me make decisions based on what’s best for my long term financial goals. HIGHLY recommend their services.”

—Alexis Steed

“I was very scattered when I started and had a lot of guilt about my money habits. With R&D Coaching I was able to get organized, stop procrastinating, and not be as hard on myself.”

—Gracie Lemen

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