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Everyone wants to spend more time traveling, with family, pursuing their passions or simply not to feel so stressed all of the time! Sadly, approximately 1 in 2 Americans are financially strained, putting these dreams out of reach.

Another unfortunate truth…the chronic stress from debt and living paycheck-to-paycheck is now being linked to poor health and even chronic illness. Not to mention more than 20% of all divorces in the United States are due to trouble with money. YIKES!

But here is the good news – you are in control of your money and when you optimize your income, and start making informed financial decisions, you can start living life the way you want!

We know because that is exactly what we did…

In 2017 we achieved financial freedom! 🍾

We paid off $45,000+ in 18-months in addition to paying for a wedding and traveling for a few months.

While going through the process, we were dissatisfied with financial advice that didn’t fit our values and lifestyle.

Most advice used a lot of jargon, focused only on the future, or overly complicated “money hacks” – rather than simple advice that balanced living life in the present and planning for the future.

We help our clients:

  • Decrease anxiety and stress about their money
  • Enjoy happier, healthier relationships

  • Experience increased self confidence

  • Obtain the freedom to pursue their purpose

  • Create a life they love

Learn how we can help you take control of your finances and live the life you’ve been dreaming of…

We come up with some of our best ideas when spending time outdoors and we may look casual, but we mean business.

“Rebecca and Dylan have always given me honest, practical, and attainable financial advice. Not only are they professional they are funny and a blast to work with!”

– Kim G.


Finance | Career & Success Coach

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What Rebecca’s Clients have to say

“I have been working with Rebecca and let me just say – she is a rockstar!!!”

—Alexis S.

Oh, how I wish I’d had someone like Rebecca in my life way before now!

—Sandee C.

“Rebecca has been a phenomenal coach to work with.”

—Tiffanie and Mike R.


Finance & Success Coach

Contact me at:
Or let’s connect on: LinkedIn!

What Dylan’s Clients have to say

“I’ve been working with Dylan for a little over a month now and it has truly been amazing”

—Jo Hannah B.

“Dylan helped my partner and me to build a sustainable, long term and realistic plan”

—Nathan and Maggie S.

“Dylan came across as personable and genuine, and I appreciate his attentiveness to my never-ending questions.”

—Dave M.

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