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How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse

Does getting your partner to talk about money feel like pulling teeth? Do you want conversations about money with your spouse to improve? Even though you talk about money often, would you like it to be easier, even fun? - - - In this episode, we are giving you 5 tips...

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5 Levels of Financial Independence

Are you FI-Curious? Maybe you've heard about the FIRE movement and want to learn more about it and if it's for you? In this episode we explain and discuss the 5 Levels of Financial Independence. Detailing the differences between each one, plus how you can start...

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The Fastest Way to Pay off Student Loans

So…since that whole student loan forgiveness thing didn’t end up working out. You’re back to paying them off yourself, feeling like you're not making any progress. But rather than continue to make payments for the next 25 years before they’re finally forgiven... [and...

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How to Stop Impulse Shopping – For Good!

Do you struggle with impulse shopping? Maybe you just want to be a smarter shopper and learn how to be better with how you spend your money. In this episode we dive deep into impulse shopping, why we do it, what makes it worse and what steps you can take to take...

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How to Build Wealth with Your Spouse

  You want to do more than just pay the bills and save a little every month. You want to see serious growth in your net worth! There's just one problem... your spouse avoids talking about money because it leads to arguments. The two of you end up doing your own...

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