How to Stop Impulse Shopping – For Good!

Nov 29, 2023 | Personal Finance | 0 comments

Do you struggle with impulse shopping? Maybe you just want to be a smarter shopper and learn how to be better with how you spend your money.

In this episode we dive deep into impulse shopping, why we do it, what makes it worse and what steps you can take to take control. Listen to to learn how to stop impulse shopping for good using this easy self assessment. Plus learn what it means to practice what we call mindful consumption and be an intentional shopper.

  • What is Impulse Shopping? 3:58
  • What Impulse Shopping Looks Like 5:14
  • The Opposite of Impulse Shopping 8:17
  • The Downsides of Impulse Shopping 12:47
  • How to Stop Impulse Shopping for Good 14:50
  • How to Practice Mindful Consumption 16:05
  • Impulse Shipping Self Assessment 19:10
  • Benefits of Mindful Consumption 21:53

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