Our Coaching Services

Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Take a Bearing

We meet with you to learn where you are in your financial journey, more importantly, where you want to go!

  • Learn how to budget effectively 
  • Master your Cash Flow
  • Calculate your Net Wealth
  • Optimize your income and make your money work for you

Plan the Route

We map out a customized, financial roadmap that is tailored to your personal lifestyle, needs, and goals.

  • Create your Life Vision
  • Set goals and create a savings strategy 
  • Create a plan to get out of debt
  • Work toward investing consistently and effectively

Stay the Course

Sticking to the plan can be difficult, so we encourage you, keep you focused, and provide accountability to see things through, increasing the odds of reaching your goals.

  • Create a master strategy for Financial Freedom and ultimately Financial Independence
  • Gain confidence as an intentional investor
  • Identify opportunities to limit your tax burden
  • And much more!

“R&D coaching is for anyone, at any point. They will meet you where you are, guide you STEP-BY-STEP, and provide so much value that you don’t ever want to graduate from coaching.”

– Autumn A.

So Much More Than a Budget Coach

More than just budgets and paying down debt, we help you build a holistic financial strategy that takes every aspect of your financial life into account!

Yes, we’ll coach you through –  

✅  Mastering your budget once and for all
✅  Eliminating burdensome debt, and
✅  Establishing a full Emergency Fund

But we’ll also help you – 

✅  Increase Contributions to Investing and Retirement
✅  Build a strategy for your credit
✅  Navigate the ins and outs of shopping for insurance
✅  Find opportunities to reduce tax bills
✅  Start an Estate Plan and Will
✅  Strategize ways to increase Annual Income
✅  We’ll even help you lay a strong financial foundation to start a business! 

This 360 view of your finances is crucial for long term success and lasting wealth!

While we do not complete tax returns, manage investments or sell you insurance – we will walk you through the process of building your team and help you confidently make informed decisions based on your needs!

How It Works

Everyone’s journey is a little different, which is why our coaching is completely custom to you and your needs!

With that in mind, rather than a set program, we made our coaching subscription based and encourage you to simply work with us month-to-month as long as you are seeing a return on your investment.

In Your First Month

You will spend more time with your coach so that they can learn more about you and your goals. 

This allows us to make the best recommendations for your needs, and help you start to build an optimized strategy that suits your unique circumstances, so you start seeing fast results!

A 90-minute kick off Financial Freedom Session.

PLUS Weekly Check-in Calls during your first month.

Investment: $750

Monthly Sessions

As you make progress each month, we’ll keep building on your progress so you never go stagnant and keep getting results! 

One 60-minute Coaching Session every month (after month 1)

Investment: $250 automatically billed every month

We know you’re wondering so– – On average our clients work with us for 6 consecutive months, but the clients with the best results and largest transformations are with us for about a year. And speaking of – there are no contracts or expiration dates! 

Coaching ends when you feel confident in your finances and are ready to let us go. No hard feelings! Our goal is to teach and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take with you for the rest of your life!

What else you’ll get…

  • After each session you’ll receive a detailed recap directly to your inbox with a summary, action steps and resources curated specifically for you. (Our current clients love these emails and we know you will too!)
  • Access to our library of easy-to-use and extremely helpful financial spreadsheets
  • 24/7 access to your coach via Volley  – an easy and convenient messaging app to stay connected with your coach in between sessions.

It’s Not Just About the Money

Your financial wellbeing is about so much more than the balance in your bank account. We believe money management is a form of self care that improves your wellness and overall health! 

With us as your Financial Coaches – you will not only increase your Net Wealth, you’ll also…

  • Improve your relationship with money
  • Align your finances with your values and goals
  • Decrease financial anxiety and stress
  • Have fewer feelings of guilt and shame around spending
  • Have confidence in your financial decision making
  • Enjoy a healthier and financially sustainable lifestyle!

Our Clients are Raving!

“I am living more financially mindfully now!”

—Alexis S.

Would highly recommend to anyone wanting …a healthy financial plan that fits into your lifestyle.” 

—Nathan & Maggie

“It has put me in a whole other mindset when it comes to my money and budget.”


One-Time Money Session

Maybe you don’t feel ready to fully commit to a full on journey with a coach…but you do want to put an end to digging through generic finance blogs, trying desperately to find answers that actually suit your needs.

Maybe you just have a few specific questions and want to pick the brain of a real financial professional that gets results. You don’t feel like you need a program, you just need straight answers to figure a few things out…

If that sounds familiar, our One-Time Money Session is for you!

Fill out an application, letting us know what you want to discuss. If we can help, we’ll schedule a one-time 60-minute session to talk about whatever financial topic you want and answer the money questions you have! 

In these sessions, you will:

👩‍🏫 Get answers to your money questions🧠 Get to pick our brain and grow your Financial IQ
🎙️ Have your own personal, professional sounding board, that meets you where you’re at 
📄 Walk away with a list of things you can do to improve your money life, plus helpful resources!

NOTE: One-Time Sessions are great if you have one or two money questions about budgeting, saving money, getting out of debt, or want to learn more about how retirement works, etc. It’s not great, however, for discussing taxes, or investments.  If you want more of a holistic approach and strategy, we suggest the full coaching program instead!

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