5 Levels of Financial Independence

Jul 21, 2023 | Personal Finance | 0 comments

Are you FI-Curious? Maybe you’ve heard about the FIRE movement and want to learn more about it and if it’s for you? In this episode we explain and discuss the 5 Levels of Financial Independence. Detailing the differences between each one, plus how you can start working toward them.

We also discuss the importance of integrating Life Design into your financial strategy. Explaining how your present and future lifestyle should be a primary focus when you’re deciding which level of Financial Independence you want to work toward. Stay tuned til the end where we share about our personal journey to Financial Independence!


  • Are you FI-Curious? 2:18  
  • What is Financial Independence? 4:19
  • 5 Different Levels of FIRE – 5:07
  • Coast FIRE – 5:41
  • Barista FIRE – 8:42
  • Lean FIRE – 12:55
  • FIRE and Life Design -16:21
  • Traditional FIRE – 18:41
  • FAT FIRE – 21:52
  • Our Journey to Financial Independence – 24:46

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