Why You Should Start Having Money Dates with Your Spouse

Jul 31, 2023 | Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

Having regular Money Dates with your spouse can be a game-changer for how you and your spouse manage money together. These unique dates are part of having a healthy relationship with your spouse, and how you manage money together. This is because they provide an opportunity to have open and productive conversations about goals, budgeting, and overall money management. Whether you’re just starting out or have been together for years, implementing money dates can help strengthen your relationship with money and with each other.

Why Are Money Dates Important?

Regularly talking about money is one of the best ways to avoid money fights. By talking about money more often, conversation about finances get easier. The more frequently we discuss money, the more natural and comfortable it becomes. Money dates provide a dedicated space for honest and constructive dialogue, allowing both partners to share their thoughts, fears, and dreams regarding money.

Money Dates Break Down Negative Bias

One of the main reasons why money dates are so crucial is that they allow you to manage money proactively. Rather than exclusively talking about money when there’s a problem. This is a challenge for many couples. They tend to avoid money conversations and only bring up family finances when something goes wrong. But this reinforces the negative bias many of us already have about money. But by scheduling these sessions, whether things are going well or not, you can build a healthier money mindset as a couple. This approach fosters a better relationship with money and with each other.

Implementing Money Dates:

Now that you understand the importance of money dates, let’s dive into how you can implement them effectively:

Decide on How Often You’ll have a Money Date

Approach your spouse and suggest finding a time every week to sit down and talk about your financial goals. This will give you and your spouse time to mentally prepare to talk about a challenging topic that might be stressful. Find a time that works for you both to connect and collaborate regularly. Your goal should be to have a money date at least once a week, even if it’s just a quick check in.

Set a Recurring Event and Reminder 

We’re all human and we’re all busy. Which is why we suggest having a scheduled, recurring money date and adding it to your calendar. Setting reminders is a big help as well! This will increase the odds of actually having the money dates and not making the excuse that you forgot. 

Set a Time Limit 

Dedicate at least 15-minutes for each money date and focus at first on simply building the habit. Remember, you work 40 hours a week to make an income. So spending a few minutes a week managing your finances is a worthwhile investment of time.

Have a Date even if There is “Nothing to Talk About”

As we mentioned, to help overcome any negative bias and make money dates easier in the future. Have a money date even if it feels like there isn’t anything to talk about. This will help you rewire your brain and replace negative correlation you or your spouse may have with talking about money!

Make Talking About Money Exciting! 

Money dates shouldn’t be dull, boring meetings where you stare at numbers on a spreadsheet. Believe it or not, they can be fun and even bring you closer as a couple. Shift the focus from strictly financial obligations and challenges, to your dreams, aspirations, and the exciting things you’re looking forward to!

As you continue building the habit of regular money dates with your spouse you will notice an increase in financial intimacy and get better results toward your financial goals. Remember, the goal is to create an open and comfortable environment to discuss your financial aspirations, celebrate achievements, and overcome challenges together. By making money dates a regular part of your relationship, you will see how it positively impacts both your finances and your marriage.


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