What is Good and Bad Debt?

Jul 26, 2023 | Managing Debt, Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

You have probably heard of different types of debt described as “Good” or “Bad”, but what does that really mean and how does it impact your financial decisions? What is meant when people say “Good or Bad Debt”

We took the time to break down and expose the flaws of analyzing financing decisions this way. We share why we think this view is oversimplified and doesn’t take enough information into consideration to be helpful. Instead we offer a better way to evaluate your debt that will more accurately determine if you should or shouldn’t take out that loan.


  • What is Good or Bad Debt? 2:47
  • Conventional “wisdom” on Good and Bad Debt 3:20
  • What is Considered Good Debt? 4:18
  • What is Considered Bad Debt? 5:23
  • A Better Way to Evaluate Debt 10:19

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