Different Money Mindsets in Marriage

Sep 6, 2023 | Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

Do you and your spouse struggle to see eye-to-eye when it comes to how you manage your money? Have you ever wondered why your husband or wife uses money the way they do? It may be an issue of having a different money mindset than your spouse!

For us, our different views on money started to clash early on. From how much we felt comfortable spending on date night, to setting goals as a couple to one day buy our first home. We didn’t know it at the time but we were dealing with two very different money mindsets.

This definitely created challenges in our relationship and our marriage. Early on we struggled to understand why it felt like we were speaking a different language when it came to managing money, dreaming big and designing a life of abundance! 

Listen to how we overcame these challenges and started to work together in this week’s episode of radmoney – the finance podcast for Millennial Married Couples!


  • What is a Money Mindset? 5:10
  • What are the Types of Money Mindsets? 5:48
  • Growth Mindset vs. a Fixed Mindset 7:45
  • How Different Money Mindsets Create Challenges in Marriage 10:34
  • How We Worked Through Having Different Money Mindsets 12:35
  • The Impact of Money Story on Money Mindset 20:20 


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