Intentionally Building a Successful Marriage

Sep 13, 2023 | Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

As a married couple of financial coaches we view our relationship and the financial decisions we’ve made through a unique lens. Which is why this week we’re sharing 5 ways we have intentionally set our marriage up for success. Many of which have to do with how we use money and the financial decisions we have made as a couple.

With over 10-years in a relationship under our belt (7 as a married couple) we’ve moved through the season of transition from you and me, to us. We hope this episode blesses you with ideas for how you too can set your marriage up for success, and enjoy the gift of a strong marriage.


  • Tips for Success – Regardless of Marital Status 5:20
  • Working on the Relationship Before we “Needed” To 6:02
  • Identifying Threats and Expressing Grievances Early 8:37
  • Avoid Anything That Could Lead to Resentment 11:59
  • Let Your Spouse Take Opportunities *Without You!* 15:10
  • Intentionally Scheduling Quality Time 19:42
  • Prioritizing Our Marriage Over Everything Else 24:30



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