6 Personal Finance Books You Must Read

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Want to DIY Your Finances? Read these Personal Finance Books – In this order!

R&D here! A quick note, there are affiliate links to the personal finance books recommended in this blog. With that said, we only plan to share books with you that are at the heart of our mission to make you a better person. 

We recommend these Personal Finance books whether you’re DIY-ing your personal finances or just want to increase your financial IQ. Make sure you read these classic personal finance books – in this exact order! Start with the basics and grow your knowledge as you continue on your journey to financial freedom.

The Richest Man in Babylon

Unlike any other personal finance book out there! This book is a quick and easy read but packs a punch. A great place to start and we highly recommend it. Especially for young adults starting on their personal finance journey. 

Set in ancient Babylon this book delivers timeless financial advice using parables, or short stories. Each with a lesson to be learned about proper money management. If you like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – you’ll like this! 

Why we like this book

The Richest Man in Babylon is a great read for young adults or those just getting started. It reads more like a story than a finance book, taking you on a journey while teaching important, foundational concepts for how to manage your money.

The Millionaire Next Door

As the title suggests, the millionaires in this book don’t “look” the part. These millionaires are everyday people with no glitz or glam, wearing blue jeans, driving a used pick-up. What this book teaches and what makes it so powerful is that, more important than how they look is how they act! 

This read is packed with stories, anecdotes and useful insights from everyday millionaires. It gives a detailed look at the habits and behaviors of “normal” people who have built lasting wealth and legacies!

The Millionaire Next Door is a classic financial book and a great read because it shows you the possibility that anyone can become wealthy. This book breaks the myth about the wealthy, who they are, and how they reached their level of status. As the title suggests, many millionaires hide in plain sight. They aren’t flashy, live in modest homes, and drive price conscious vehicles. Many did not inherit their money and in fact, made less than $100,000 a year. 

Why we like this book

The millionaire next door will help you realize you can become wealthy. One concept that goes through the book is the idea of financial offense and defense. Think of offense as your income. Your income plays an important role in your financial journey. Defense plays a more important role than offense because it is how you use your income. You can be a high earner and spender and at the end of the day have nothing left over. At the end of the day, it is your financial habits and behaviors that can make or break you.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This book is a staple in personal finance and real estate investing communities! Rich Dad, Poor Dad is another easy to read book that will change the way you think about money management, investing and *wisely* leveraging debt. Using the power of storytelling, Robert Kiyosaki shares the importance of building your financial intelligence, making your money work for you, and investing in cash-producing assets.

Why we like this book

While most of these books help you lay your financial foundation, Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about the importance of building your financial intelligence and taking things a step further. 

He discusses the concept of making your money work for you, and how you can borrow other people’s money to make a profit. This is not for the beginner, but the well versed and disciplined. He talks about the importance of investing in assets that pay you an income prior to purchasing liabilities and other expenses.

This is the financial education you did not receive in school. Just scratching the surface of business ownership, real estate, and taxes. But you will walk away ready to learn more.

I Will Teach you to be Rich

If you only read one book from this list, read this one! Ramit Seti makes reading and talking about money fun while teaching you how to build a complete financial system that gets you to your goals and keeps life simple. With actionable steps throughout this book alone can help you change your financial life. We’re also big fans of the balance Ramit encourages his readers to find while they build their rich life, enjoying the present while preparing and saving for the future.

Why we like this book

As you read through the book you quickly realize the author is teaching you how to balance living your life while making responsible financial decisions. He helps you set up a system that allows you to spend generously on things you love while consistently putting money towards your investments and future. We don’t know about you – but we’re big fans of avoiding scarcity and sacrificing everything just to save an extra few dollars a month! 

Packed with specific advice and and even scripts on multiple topics. Get tips on how to get your bank to refund overdraft charges, how to negotiate better terms on your credit card, and how to negotiate a raise at work.

Financial Freedom

Curious about the FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) movement? This book is for you! Author, Grant Sabatier, shares his personal experience of going from completely broke, to Millionaire status in just five years. This book will shift your mindset and get you to start thinking outside of the box as you build a life free from a 9 to 5! What we find so refreshing about his approach is that while he accomplished his financial goal of FIRE in a short period of time, he encourages others not to do it that way, but to take their time and try to enjoy the journey more. We couldn’t agree more, Grant! 

Why we like this book

Author Grant Sabatier wants you to enjoy your latte and reach Financial Independence. Instead of making coffee at home and driving across town for the best discounts and saving a few dollars here and there, Grant challenges you to look at the bigger expenses that are holding you back. The cost of your home, vehicles, and food. How much money could you save by cutting those costs by 10% each instead of scrimping and saving on the little things.

We love his suggestions because – without knowing – it is exactly the approach we took! Some of the most powerful things we’ve done to help our financial health and reach our goals have been: downsizing our home, moving to a less desirable side of town, living without a car, and only eating out on special occasions.

Think and Grow Rich

After you’ve laid the groundwork, or financial foundation so to speak, it’s time to build wealth. This book will help you do just that. Most personal finance books teach a lot of how to – but Think and Grow Rick teaches the power of the right mindset, and the mental habits necessary to reach your full potential. It literally teaches you to think and grow rich! This book has you thinking outside the box and brings some next level ideas to the table. It might take a while for a lot of the teachings to make sense, but give it time. The concepts here are potent! 

Why we like this book

This book is far more nuanced than any other finance book you’ll ever read, of that we are 100% confident. At first glance you might think it’s a bit “out there” and – it is. But it’s also filled with concepts that are only just now becoming more prominent and understood. Such as the importance of having an abundance mindset and the power of having a clear vision for your life so that you can take purposeful action and pursue it – which some might call “manifesting” – but we don’t.

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