The Best Finance Reading List for 2022

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finance reading list

The Best Finance Reading List for 2022

R&D here! A quick note, there are affiliate links to the personal finance books recommended in this blog. With that said, we only plan to share books with you that are at the heart of our mission to make you a better person. 

This year we set the intention of creating the ultimate, well rounded finance reading list, and we’re pretty sure we delivered! 

Packed with powerful books for the year about: 

💵 Personal Finance

📈 Economics

🏠 Real Estate 

💰 Investing

🤝 Negotiating raises

Plus a few additional titles meant to empower all of us in our ongoing journey to self-love and growth as leaders!

1) Never Split the Difference

A must read this year! With record inflation we should all be negotiating raises in 2022 but there’s just one problem…most people don’t know how! We love to negotiate and help the men and women we coach earn tens-of-thousands more in annual salaries and bonuses.

Chris Voss does an excellent job weaving story and “how-to” together in this captivating and educational read. If you want to be better at negotiating and increase your earning potential – you’re going to want to read this book and further hone your skills!

2) The Psychology of Money

Just published last year, The Psychology of Money had to make our finance reading list! Bringing together two of our favorite subjects in one book –  we couldn’t wait for this book to get published and to dig in. 

If you pay close enough attention to any book about building wealth you’ll realize that it’s not just about what you know, it’s about what you do. Your habits and behaviors with your money have the power to make or break you. With a lot of emphasis on how you spend and invest your money – this is a great read for new investors and high earners. This book will have you digging deeper into the psychology of how you manage your money so you can improve your financial life.

3) The Simple Path to Wealth

One of the most highly recommended books for those pursuing Financial Independence. 

The Simple Path to Wealth started out as a series of letters, published as a blog by the author J.L. Collins. This book has made it on our 2022 finance reading list because of its no nonsense approach to personal finance and reaching Financial Independence on your terms.

4) Your Money or Your Life

Have you ever thought about your finances in terms of time? 

Thinking of your money, specifically your income and spending habits, in terms of how long it takes to earn, is crucial when you want to take control of your life. This book will help you start to view your money, and your job that way. We love this because we are all about reaching your financial goals without scarcity and burnout balanced with living simply so we were able to have “enough” sooner than later.

5) Think Like a Freak

If you can learn to think like an economist you will be well on your way to financial independence! 

Who better to teach you about being efficient with your money than an economist? For years, the authors Levitt and Dubner have been influential in our lives and our world view. As huge fans of their previous works, we highly recommend checking out the Freakonomics book and podcast as well! 

6) Retire Early with Real Estate

If you want to FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) then you’ve probably heard of this book. But whether you want to retire early, more comfortably, or simply diversify your investments, this book is a great place to dig into HOW. 

Chad Carson’s passion for the topic comes straight off the page, along with his sincere care for the reader. It is obvious that Chad is not only knowledgeable about investing in real estate, but that he learned the hard way that “more” is not always better.

7) Evicted

Gathering various perspectives on a topic is crucial for a well rounded and successful approach. Which is why we wanted a book that showed the other side of the investing in real estate story.

As we face an ongoing housing crisis in America, this book is an important read for any and all Real Estate investors of today. Venturing into the world of real estate ourselves, it is of the utmost importance to us that we do so ethically. We want to be part of the solution to the housing crisis, rather than the source of the problem.

8) Set for Life

This is still on our “Want to Read” List for the end of the year – we’ll be back to update this post when our review is ready!

9) We Should All be Millionaires

This book really found me. I stumbled upon it while looking for my next book on my Kindle and knew it was something I just had to read! A book about building businesses and wealth – by a woman?! I don’t think I could click “Download” any faster than I did. 

This book doesn’t disappoint. A quick read that encourages women to stop playing small and take action on their big goals. Regardless of what others might tell you, that you can or cannot do. You are only limited by yourself. This book is inspiring for any and every entrepreneur woman out there! 

10) Man Enough

It should come as no surprise that the Finance Industry and finance as a whole is riddled with problems that hurt men and women alike. From the way society suggests men should earn more than their female spouses. To suggesting men are somehow magically better with managing money. These societal pressures prove challenging and problematic for us all. So how do we overcome them? Enter Justin Baldoni in this wonderful book. “challenging men to be brave enough to be vulnerable, to be strong enough to be sensitive, and confident enough to listen.”

11) The Moment of Lift

A compilation of stories from Melinda Gates, but most interestingly the women she encounters in her work. Hear stories of women from across the globe, their challenges and victories despite incredible odds. This book shows the importance of lifting women up! Because when women are empowered, we all rise!

Is there a book we should add to next year’s finance reading list? Let us know in the comments!


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