This One Thing is Killing Your Cash Flow

Apr 19, 2023 | Personal Finance Podcast, Saving Money | 0 comments

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Working with as many clients as we have – we’ve noticed a lot of trends in how people use their money. Over time, we identified this one thing that is killing everyone’s cash flow and blowing their budgets up month after month! If left unchecked, this habit will chew through your income incredibly fast and without you even realizing.

At the end of the month you’ll be left wondering where all your money went! So what is this cash flow killer? Find out in this episode! Where we also provide a few actions you can take to make sustainable habit change and align how you use your money with the life you actually want! Without feeling restricted.



  • This is Killing Your Cash Flow 2:15
  • What is Cash Flow? 2:20
  • How we get caught in a feedback loop 5:48
  • How are you using your time? 8:17
  • Lifestyle Creep and status 9:23
  • Why Starbucks is/isn’t such a big problem 12:59
  • Are you actually saving time? 14:40
  • Know what drives you 18:00
  • Lack of satisfaction over time 19:27
  • Bonus benefits and more motivation! 23:40
  • The worst offenders 27:48
  • Healthy habit swaps 30:19

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