How to Manage Money as a Married Couple

Apr 26, 2023 | Financial Wellness, Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

How to Manage Money as a Married Couple

“How to Manage Money as a Married Couple?” – the one massive question all of us married folks don’t even realize we’re asking ourselves! It’s the overarching th How do you talk to your spouse about money (without having an argument)? How can you both get on the same page? These are questions that couples from all over the country ask and we’re here to help!

In our opinion – being successful with managing money within your marriage can be the difference between a good marriage and a great marriage! But it’s no secret that managing money as a married couple can be difficult.

We all know that most of use never learned how to manage money. But we DEFINITELY didn’t learn how to manage money as a married couple! While the details look different for each, unique couple. We’ve identified the keys to success that every couple needs to master, if they want to successfully manage money together.

In this episode we share 6 things you need to do if you want to manage money together without awkward tension and arguments.

Which ones stand out to you?

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  • Financial Coaching for Married Couples 1:00
  • Marriage prep for the single and dating 3:10
  • Why it’s important to manage money together 4:20
  • Money and divorce statistics 5:00
  • Managing money is more complex than ever 7:28
  • Learn to talk about money 10:10
  • Understand each others money story 13:17
  • Learn to work toward a shared goal together 15:13
  • Support one another 19:15
  • Allow yourself to be INTERdependence 22:28
  • Set goals and agree on priorities 27:00

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