Should I Help My Spouse Pay Off Debt?

May 3, 2023 | Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

help spouse pay off debt

Do you or your spouse have personal debt that you brought to the relationship? Has that debt created friction or been a burden on your marriage? Do you want to help your spouse pay off debt, but are unsure how to approach it?

In this episode we dig deep into the topic of helping your spouse pay off debt. We share our personal story and the deep, sometimes dark emotions, we experienced while we were going through this. While still preserving our relationship and our financial future as a couple. 

Be sure you listen through to the end. There we provide powerful conversation starters for you and your spouse to discuss. These will help you figure out the first steps of paying off debt and reaching Financial Freedom together!

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  • Cultural Norms 3:30
  • Realistic Expectations 8:30
  • Married Couples Dealing with Debt 9:35
  • Accepting Help With Your Debt 17:03
  • Should I Help My Spouse Pay Off Debt? 20:33
  • Tips if You’re the One With Personal Debt 24:47
  • Tips For Helping Your Partner Pay Off Personal Debt 27:23
  • Thought Experiments and Conversation Prompts 28:38

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