Overcoming Obstacles of Budgeting as a Couple

May 22, 2023 | Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

how to overcome obstacles of budgeting as a couple

Most of the questions we get as have to do with budgeting as a couple.  Because while most couples know they need to budget and should work together to manage money. It can be a difficult task that often turns uncomfortable and awkward.

In our years coaching married couples, we know that budgeting with your spouse is the most effective way to build wealth together. So overcoming obstacles and learning how to budget effectively is the key to your success.

But how do you budget together without starting an argument?

Why do you both have to budget when only one of you is really interested?

How do you work together with out it turning into a power struggle where neither of you feel “controlled” by each-other or the budget?

We’re diving into the details of how to overcome these obstacles and sharing some of our best budgeting tips along the way! Most importantly, how to actually make it enjoyable, avoid fighting about money and effectively work together!


  • Why is it Important to Budget with Your Spouse? 1:37
  • Getting your partner to buy-in 7:08
  • Why you both need to budget 13:59
  • My spouse isn’t interested in the ‘money stuff’ 14:56
  • We budget in our head 16:59
  • Trying to Keep the Peace 18:45
  • Can’t find the “right” budgeting tool 21:07
  • Reviewing and disproving objections 21:51


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