Do Women Need Different Financial Advice?

Mar 29, 2023 | Personal Finance, Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

financial advice for women

Is financial advice for women different from men? In this episode we explore the idea that we are hearing more and more in the personal finance space. That women have unique needs and require different financial advice. We sat down to discuss the financial challenges women face and expose the truth behind this statement.

“Women need their own financial advice” is a message we see more and more over the past few years. As champions for women’s financial empowerment, we have worked to understand why that is. Both for our clients and our own edification. In this episode we openly discuss the concepts and reveal what we have found to be true.

Through this thought experiment and exploration, we started asking bigger questions.

  • What are the “unique needs of women” from finance and other industries?
  • What role do men play in women’s financial empowerment?
  • What questions do we as a society need to be asking?


    • What Financial Challenges Are Women Up Against? 5:15
    • Wage Gap 6:14
    • Child and Elderly Care 7:30
    • Longer Life Expectancy & Survivorship 12:27
    • Insurance & Healthcare Bills 13:44
    • Women Do NOT Need Unique Financial Tips & Advice 16:23
    • Women Need Healthcare Reform 17:31
    • Women Need Career Planning 18:38
    • Saying Women Need to Solve the Problems is Sexist 19:45
    • THE MAIN POINT 20:50
    • Individuality and Hyper Independence 22:50
    • Getting Women Interested in Finance 24:20
    • Women are Dominating the Workforce 28:43
    • Conclusion 31:38
    • Men Call to Action 32:50 + 35:15
    • Message to Financial Advisors 33:15
    • Women with Wealth do Good 37:15

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