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Apr 5, 2023 | Personal Finance, Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

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“Earn a Higher Income” is one of the top goals professionals have. But while we are all aware of the connection between your finances and your career in the sense that we work to earn money. Fewer people are conscious of the connection between your financial wellness and career advancement. Which is exactly why we explore how financial stress limits your success. How stress of this nature is incredibly distracting (even while you’re at work) and that has a negative impact on your earning potential.

So while most people see it as a one way street – having a career to earn money. There is actually a very strong connection between your financial wellbeing, your performance at work and your mobility to pursue new opportunities. When you are in debt, living paycheck to paycheck. You’re not only stressed and distracted at work. But you’re unable to advocate for yourself, set boundaries with bosses, and so much more!


  • Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck 3:13
  • How Financial Stress Hurts Earning Potential 5:49
  • Taking Control of your Financial Life 10:55
  • Benefits of Being a Financially Empowered Employee 11:36
  • Employers Need to Invest in Financial Wellbeing of Employees 17:09
  • How to Flip the Power Dynamic 18:57
  • First Things First 19:30
  • Increase Your Cash Flow 21:30
  • Save a “Screw You Fund” 22:32
  • Recap of the Steps 24:48

Earning a higher income may feel like the best place to focus to improve your finances. But the best place to really start is with your mindset and habits. Continue listening to the radmoney podcast and learn how to improve your relationship with money.


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