Money Mantras for an Abundance Mindset

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Overcoming limiting beliefs and cultivating a healthy Money Mindset without the right tools is challenging. Money Mantras are a simple and effective way to get started changing your relationship with money, and rewiring your brain for abundance! Which is why we’ve crafted these powerful Money Mantras for an abundance mindset. 

But what are money mantras? How do they help you improve your finances and what do you look for as you choose the mantra that’s right for you?

What is a Money Mantra?

A Money Mantra, is like an affirmation. It is a phrase or statement that is repeated often in order to replace negative thoughts with more positive and productive thought patterns. 

A mantra is an important part of brain rewiring, using the brains neuroplasticity to reframe limiting beliefs and change negative tendencies. By reading and repeating positive mantras often, you can replace deep seeded subconscious thoughts with ones that better serve you and your goals.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are thoughts or beliefs that limit your ability to make progress toward your goals. These beliefs are the result of negative messaging we received, internalized and repeated to ourselves. 

Limiting beliefs can come from our family, friends, cultural norms, media, and your own negative thoughts about yourself. Oftentimes resulting in self sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from reaching your full potential. 

Self sabotaging due to limiting beliefs can have a strong negative impact on your finances. Take for instance the belief that you “just aren’t good with money”. If you believe this about yourself you might also find yourself thinking “what’s the point in trying” to budget, save or invest. This is the ultimate Financial Self Sabotage. Keeping yourself from even trying to improve. Believing you are not capable of learning and improving. 

Of course this is just one example of a limiting belief. Other common negative money mindset beliefs are “money is evil” – “I’ve made too many mistakes” – “I’m too far behind – there’s no point” – or feelings of general unworthiness to build wealth. But there are many more that we help clients through. Using helpful tools like the power of the right money mantra!

 How to use a Money Mantra for an Abundance Mindset

Using a Money Mantra is simple! First you need to find a mantra that connects to you. You can either read through the following mantras, or simply use them as inspiration to craft your own. 

Once you’ve chosen your Money Mantra, write it down and put it somewhere you will see it often. Ideally on a daily basis, if not multiple times a day. You could put your mantra on your Vision Board for Financial Goals, on your bathroom mirror, or make it the background of your phone! 

Next, grab your journal and write your mantra even more! 

Writing your money mantra, pen on paper, has an even stronger impact. It uses the mind-body connection to help the positive thoughts sink in. Connecting on a deeper level with your subconscious and changing thought patterns more effectively. We talk about this in our piece about journaling an abundance mindset as well. 

The idea is that to overcome a limiting belief, you need to replace negative, untrue thoughts. Responding to limiting beliefs with statements that is a positive, true and empowering version of the negative one.

What Makes a Good (or bad) Mantra

A good Money Mantra for an abundance mindset is specific and speaks directly to your limiting belief. To use the same example as above, if you believe you “aren’t good with money” your Money Mantra should speak specifically to that belief. 

A good Money Mantra for this limiting belief would be “I am capable of learning how to manage money and achieve Financial Wellness”. Because no one is simply bad with money, it’s just that you have not learned how to manage your money effectively. It is not a personal failing, it is just a new skill you still have to learn! 

A poor example of a Money Mantra is one that is vague, impersonal, or woo-woo. 

Mantras like “I am a money magnet and money flows to me” that is gibberish and means nothing! It gives the impression that you don’t have to put any effort forward to improve your finances and build wealth. 

Other mantras that we recommend steering clear of are ones that cultivate poor character and put money at the center of your life. We’ve read mantras that cultivate greed, tie your personal worth to your financial status or idolize money. These messages are toxic beliefs that come with their own set of problems. Avoid at all costs 

Money Mantras

  • I am capable of learning how to manage money and achieve Financial Wellness.
  • I am worthy of Financial Freedom and I am capable of achieving it.
  • Money is a resource and I am its responsible steward.
  • I am grateful for the abundance I attract and receive
  • I am capable of building a life beyond my wildest dreams.
  • I am worthy of abundance and I am capable of building true wealth!
  • I forgive my past money mistakes and make space for a wealthy future!
  • My ability to build wealth is only limited by my limiting beliefs.
  • My worth is not defined by my income or my net worth.

Improving your Money Mindset is a critical step to building lasting wealth and designing a life of abundance. Without working toward a healthy Money Mindset you will always find money management a struggle. Trying to build wealth with a scarcity mindset can trigger feelings of fear, guilt, and many other negative emotions. All of which can lead to self sabotaging behaviors and limited results. 

So if this is an area of focus for you on your Journey to Financial Freedom, we highly recommend using a Money Mantra. Not only will it help you overcome limiting beliefs, but it will help you cultivate a healthy and abundant money mindset.


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