Vision Boards for Financial Goals

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why you need a vision board for financial goals

You have probably heard of a vision board before. But what about a Vision Board for your Financial Goals? If you’re ready to get serious about reaching new heights with your finances this year – you are definitely going to want one. But if you’re really smart – – – you’ll keep reading to learn why you need one! Plus, how to get started making yours.

Why You Need a Vision Board for your Financial Goals

Have you ever stopped and thought about the fact that almost every goal you have, is a Financial Goal! 

Do you dream of buying a house, traveling more or starting your own business? Of course you do! All of these goals are great – but the very first question is always the same. How are you going to pay for it? Without that part of the equation they are not goals – they are pipe dreams.

If you really want your dreams to become a reality, you need a plan. One that includes how you will pay for your dream life. So when you think of your vision board, don’t just think of pictures of money. Instead think about how you will use your money! 

All of the above goals look different for everyone, but all of them can also be represented visually! Let yourself be creative. Look for images, quotes, mantras, etc. to create a visual representation of the vision you have for your life. 

Then let the vision board act as a daily reminder of the life you’re working towards. Without getting distracted. Increasing the odds of achieving sustainable habit change and long-term success.

The Importance of Daily Reminders

You’re going to get distracted

A Vision Board helps you focus on what’s most important to you because it keeps you from getting distracted. It is a visual reminder of your goals, and can even help you benchmark progress. All of which is needed in the overwhelming, attention hi-jacking world we live in! Without constant reminders and support for what we want to stay focused on – progress can be challenging.

Run your own race

Our culture has a comparison problem and it is a massive distraction. And without a clear vision of what you are working toward in your life, it’s easier to want what others have. Not only that, but when you’re busy comparing your life to others, you’re wasting time instead of taking action in your own life. A vision board helps you remember you’re aiming for your own goals and you can run your own race.

You need daily reminders

There is no denying people focus on what we can see, rather than what we cannot. Things that are tangible, visually interesting and interactive hold our attention. We are visual creatures and the saying “out of sight, out of mind” is about as true as it gets. Especially when it comes to money.

The problem with the digital age

Our visual nature along with our short attention span has a direct impact on modern money management. Credit cards and the digitization of money make keeping track of our resources more complex and conceptual rather than tangible.

With hardly anyone carrying cash and our banking is done digitally, our brains have yet to catch up to this modernization. This has made it challenging to accurately keep track of daily spending and how much money we have. This is a phenomenon known as decoupling, which is one reason we believe using cash can be beneficial to many. Particularly those who are trying to reel in compulsory spending. But what impact does this decoupling have on our ability to reach long-term goals?

For one, they make it harder for you to get consistent results. 

Staying Focused and Keeping Goals Front of Mind

Using a Vision Board for your financial goals helps build the consistency necessary to see progress. Having a visual aid helps you keep your goals front of mind. Acting as a daily visual reminder helps you align your actions with your vision, values and goals!

Without  visual reminders our brains tend to favor what is right in front of us. But with a Vision Board you can rewire your brain and stay focused on your goal. Something that is nearly impossible to do with digital money and managing everything online.

By using a Vision Board you increase your odds of success. It keeps your goals front of mind,and helps you make choices that are more aligned with your goals. These choices start to impact your daily habits and that all leads to consistency.

This is even more true if you find a way to make your vision board interactive! But we’ll dig more into that later.

First, let’s look at how a vision board is useful for those who are living with ADD/ADHD, Depression or Anxiety.

Vision Boards for Financial Goals – ADD/ADHD, Depression and Anxiety

When learning to manage and live with ADD/ADHD, Depression or Anxiety, it is important to find tools that support you. 

Money Management with ADD/ADHD

If you have ADD/ADHD you know what we mean when we say out of sight out of mind! The importance of Visual reminders is likely nothing new. But this is especially true for long-term goals that require steady focus and consistency. “ADHD-Tax ” is a term used to describe the unique challenges and additional expenses (penalties, fees, impulsive spending, etc.) people with ADD face. Creating a Vision Board for your Financial Goals is exceptionally helpful if you have ADD/ADHD and struggle with money management.

Money Management with Anxiety or Depression

There are similar challenges for those struggling with Anxiety or Depression, but in a slightly different way. It’s difficult to envision a positive future for yourself, and with a tendency to drift into negative thinking, a common challenge is consistency, especially when setbacks occur. This challenge makes it difficult to make progress and build on positive momentum.

If you struggle with Anxiety or Depression a Vision Board is an excellent tool to help you improve your personal finances. Assisting in the consistent reframing of negative thoughts and rewiring of your brain to more positive patterns. Especially when it comes to your relationship with money!

It doesn’t matter if you are working to overcome the challenges of ADD/ADHD, Anxiety or Depression or not. Everyone needs visual reminders. 

Whether you’re paying off debt, increasing your income, buying your first house, or starting a new business – a vision board is a great way to stay focused on your financial goals.

But what types of Vision Board are there, and which should you choose? 

Types of Vision Boards

Virtual Vision Board

Virtual Vision Boards are great because they require no materials and zero prep time. You can log into Pinterest or use the free version of Canva and start creating! Just make sure your vision board doesn’t stay virtual.

To make sure you see it daily, you need to print it out and put it somewhere you will see it. Otherwise you won’t maximize the benefit!

📌 Check out our Virtual Vision Board on Pinterest for inspiration!

Classic Vision Board – Poster or Cork Board

This approach is creative, fun and tactile! While it does require money for materials and time for crafting, we prefer them.

Not only because they are an obvious choice due to the vision board being physically in your space. But the creative process itself is more of an investment of time and energy – all of which is very well spent! Let me explain…

As you hand craft your vision board this process is a higher level of involvement and effort toward reaching your goals. As you decide what to put on your board, you get to think about what your life will look like as you search for images that bring what’s in your head onto paper. Not only that but you will get to meditate on what it would mean for you to reach your goals, and write the words that express how good it will feel. Finally, you will find yourself brainstorming how you will make this beautiful vision – reality! 

Told you this is powerful stuff. 

Make your Vision Board Interactive

Think of a saving “thermometer” or personal finance checklist. This approach allows you to track progress and benchmark yourself. While also increasing the effectiveness of the vision board. By updating your board to reflect your progress, you are taking the commitment to your goals to a new level. You will find you get excited to update your board so you can see progress as it is being made. Which helps you build momentum!

We’re speaking from experience here too. When we were paying off our student loans and other debt, we created an interactive vision board. We drew an outline of Mount Rainier and then drew lines to section it out. As we paid off our debt, we colored in the mountain. We found that the visual reminder helped guide our actions, while also motivating us to work harder! Constantly looking for ways to pay off the debt faster and move ourselves up the mountain. It was so fulfilling we even wanted to take turns coloring in the mountain. Because it felt that good to see the progress we were making.

So now that you have an idea of the type of vision board you want to create, what about a theme?

Themed Vision Boards

It can also be helpful to view your vision board through an additional lens or filter. This can help you gain clarity and maintain focus on a big project or a specific goal that is more important than just dollars and cents. Particularly if it is far outside of your life as it currently is.

Business Vision Board

Starting or building a business is an exciting goal, but it is also a huge undertaking! Using a vision board to help you stay focused on what you want your business to be and the goals you want to achieve, can be huge. 

As an entrepreneur there is a lot of noise “out there” which is why having clarity on your mission, vision and goals is paramount. Add in all the benefits of daily visual reminders and you’re golden!

Couples Vision Board

If you are a part of a couple, this is a great project! Helping you work together toward a shared vision of your life together. A couples vision board is very similar to one that you would make just for yourself. The biggest difference is that you get to create it with the person you share your life with.

This is for couples who want to live intentionally and improve their relationship in any way. It is an excellent conversation starter, opening the door for healthy communication. A couple’s Vision Board helps you get on the same page to talk about your financial goals, money mindset, and beliefs about money! When you are aligned with your vision together, you will both be working toward a shared goal. In our personal and professional opinion, it’s a powerful exercise with a massive ROI (return on investment). 

Family Vision Board

If you have children and want to improve your finances – it is always a good idea to get the kids involved! It is an opportunity to start teaching financial literacy and build the habit of open conversations around money. Two things that are much needed! 

Get everyone involved. You can plan the type of vacations you will take, learn about budgets, find free ways to have fun, learn to cook to save money on meals. Teach your children lessons you wish you learned earlier in life

Of course this isn’t an all encompassing list. These are just some of the most common areas we help our clients focus on. If none of these apply to you – try to brainstorm ideas for a theme that suits your unique life!

What Goes on a Vision Board for Financial Goals?

If this is your first time creating a Vision Board – you are probably wondering what goes on it. The good news is, it’s completely up to you! The hard part is – it’s completely up to you. 

While the options are limitless (and can be overwhelming) we suggest selecting a few categories and sticking to them. You can also have Themed Vision Boards, but we will get into that later. For now, let’s look at the categories for a Vision Board and ideas for what to focus on with each one.

Categories for a Vision Board

  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Relationships & Family
  • Business & Career
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Education & Self Improvement
  • Health & Wellness
  • Finances & Money Management

Keep in mind all of these categories can (and do) circle back to your financial goals! 

Here are a few ideas about how it’s all connected, that will help you get started. If you don’t see the connection – leave us a comment for clarification.

Vision Board for Financial Goals – Category Ideas

Faith & Spirituality

  • Learning about connection of religious beliefs and money
  • Giving generously to those in need
  • Tithing

Relationship & Family

  • Learning to manage money effectively with significant other
  • Planning for a family
  • Buying your first home
  • Saving/investing in college funds

Business & Career

  • Increasing your income
  • Learning new skills
  • Changing careers
  • Starting a side-hustle/business 

Travel & Lifestyle

  • Buying your first home
  • Traveling abroad
  • Taking a long road-trip
  • Remodeling the [kitchen, bathroom, etc.]

Education & Self Improvement

Health & Wellness

  • Getting stronger and healthier
  • Doing “The Inner Work”
  • Focusing on improving your sleep

Finances & Money Management

  • Saving an Emergency Fund
  • Paying off debt
  • Investing more in retirement
  • Saving down payment for a house
  • Saving a travel fund


That is a lot of ideas. Which means this is probably a good time to remind you to save this blog for later. Save this link to your bookmarks or Pin it on Pinterest so you can refer to it later.

Done? OK.

Now let’s go through a step-by-step on how to create a vision board for financial goals.

How to Create a Vision Board for Financial Goals

Step 1: Reflect on the Past Year

Before creating a vision board for financial goals, take time to reflect specifically on your finances over the past 12-months. 

In order to have enough clarity to set achievable goals, you have to know where you currently stand. While also giving you the opportunity to celebrate progress, and identify areas where there is room to improve. 

If you’re not sure exactly where to start, that’s OK – We created the perfect workbook for you! Designed specifically with your financial goals in mind this workbook is all you need to reflect on the past year. 

Download your free copy of the Personal Finance Inventory.

Step 2: Choose a Theme for your Financial Goal Vision Board 

Whether it’s starting a business, building wealth as a couple, or something else entirely. It’s helpful to have a filter to put your thoughts through. Make sure that your board has personal meaning and gets you excited about what you will accomplish!

Choose a theme that is specific to you, that suits your unique lifestyle and goals. Then let your personal style and creativity shine through!

Step 2: Narrow Your Focus

Once you have reflected on the past year, it’s time to identify where you will focus your energy in the year ahead! This will help you determine what will go on your Vision Board.

It might seem counterintuitive – but specificity actually helps you get creative!

The more you drill down the more ideas will actually come to mind and creativity will flow. This will also keep you from trying to set too many goals. It is important not to take on too much in a given year. Improving your finances takes time, so feel free to really hone in on just a few things you want to focus on. So instead of going wide – go deep.

Step 3: Select what Type of Vision Board You Will Create

Based on all of the information we have shared with you here, decide what type of board you will make. Will it be virtual and printed, or classic poster board? 

Once you’ve chosen the type of board you can collect materials if necessary. Poster or cork board, magazines, stickers, pens, markers, paint, glue, tape, etc. You know classic Middle School presentation style! 

Step 4: Start Creating!

When you think of your vision board  – don’t just think of pictures of money. Think about how you will use your money and what your life will look like! While also being specific.

Don’t forget to add in components that help you cultivate healthy money habits, and allow you to track your progress. Like positive money mantras and savings trackers!

If you need more inspiration check out our Virtual VIsion Board on 📌 Pinterest. Even if you make a more classic style, Pinterest will help you brainstorm for your vision board!

After You Create the Vision Board

After you create your vision board for your financial goals, what comes next?

You took one of the hardest steps, the first one. Gaining clarity on your vision for your life! But knowing what to prioritize first and what your main focus should be can still be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to money management. 

As we mentioned there is a lot of noise out there telling you all the things you “should” do. Oftentimes the advice you hear is conflicting, confusing and you’re not sure if it’s right for your unique situation.

If you’re feeling this way, consider working with us. We’ll help you determine exactly what you should focus on first and tell you what action steps you need to take to get results. We meet you exactly where you are at and help you get where you want to go.

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