Time is Money

Apr 13, 2023 | Financial Wellness, Personal Finance Podcast | 0 comments

time is money vs. money is time

We’ve all heard the saying “Time is Money” but what about how that saying impacts our money mindset and how we manage both our time and our money. In what ways does this push the narrative of hyper-productivity? Is there a healthier way to view the value of our time?

In this special episode Dylan and I have our first ever guest! Our good friend Ben Miller – Founder of ChroniFI! ChroniFI is a personal finance software that helps users conceptualize their money in terms of time. So when we thought of this episode, we knew Ben was the perfect person to discuss how rather than the old paradigm of “Time is Money” we should be viewing “Money as Time”.



  • Meet Ben Miller of ChroniFI 1:14
  • How we Manage Money is How we Manage Time 2:35
  • Saving Money Comes from an Abundance Mindset 4:39
  • Hustle Culture 5:24
  • Your Income Does not Equal Your Worth 7:45
  • Building the Habit of Harvest 8:44
  • Poor Little Rich Boy 12:05
  • Funding Your Time 12:56
  • Lifestyle Creep and Golden Handcuffs 16:18
  • Self Medicating to Keep it All Going 19:55
  • Money is Time 21:11
  • Your Daily Habits – Over Time (Example from Ben) 26:03
  • How Does ChroniFI Help Visualize Money as Time? 31:30

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